Carpet Cleaning Methods Used By Professionals

Carpets are a standard upholstery in every home. They are a means of keeping the floor warm while also adding a decorative touch to it and the home’s overall setting. Carpets come in different sizes, colors, designs and are made from various materials. As such, a disparity exists in how carpet cleaning is done.

In as much as there have been significant advancements in the cleaning techniques professional carpet cleaners use, the cleaning methods are relatively standard with the difference being in the cleaning approach and intensity. Such factors only point towards the need to hire professional carpet cleaners. Nevertheless, there are instances when a DIY approach will often suffice in a bid to maintain a clean rug on the floor. In light to this, below are some of the cleaning methods that effectively clean these rugs and help to increase their lifespan.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a technique that involves a deep cleaning approach. The cleaners will start with vacuuming the carpet to loosen the dirt and stains before using pressurized hot water to remove the stubborn stains and dirt. Some bit of foam shampooing may be necessary before introducing the steam. Steam cleaning is methods that use very little water to deliver a highly efficient and deep cleaning.

Carpet Absorbent Technique

It is an effective method with a short drying time that works on dirt and simple organic matter that quickly dissolve in water. The cleaning involves spraying a mixture of water and a mild solvent on the carpet or stained section, allowing the solution to soak and dissolve the stain and then vacuuming the carpet. The need for a soft bristled brush may arise if the stains require a bit of scrubbing to loosen them before vacuuming the rug.


Shampooing is often employed as deep carpet cleaning method. Most professional cleaners use this technique once every six months. Shampooing can be done using different approaches, wet cleaning being the most common, which involves a complete soaking of the carpet in a solution that has a high amount of shampoo. After that, the rug is scrubbed and thoroughly rinsed and left to dry then it is vacuumed to remove any lose dirt. Foam shampooing is the other approach that carpet cleaners use; a method where they spray foam on the carpet and allow it to loosen the dirt and stains before they scrub and vacuum it after the foam dissipates.

Bonnet Technique

The method works best on stubborn stains and dirt and often used in specific parts of the rug that need cleaning. It is a procedure that relies on dry cleaning techniques that involve the use of small amounts of cleaning with a rotating scrubbing brush to work on the soiled parts. It is only effective if you know the substance that has stained the carpet so that the right cleaning products can be used.

Keep in mind that any cleaning method will involve the use of water and those that involve soaking will require patience to allow the carpet to dry before vacuuming is done. However, specialized vacuums can be used to speed up the drying time.