Finding the Best Tree Services in Chicago

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You might be surprised to learn that there are approximately 157,142,000 trees with tree and shrub canopies in the Chicago region of Illinois. These trees cover about 21.0 percent of the region. Chances are that some of these trees are planted in your garden or in front of your business. If so, they would have to be trimmed once in a while. For this you would require the services of the best tree services Chicago: TreeSurgical.

Why is tree trimming important? Promote the health of the tree

Trimming a tree is important for the health of a tree. Trees that have dead or damaged branches may become infested with insects and other organisms that cause further decay. Trimming opens up the canopy and lets sunlight in which is essential for photosynthesis and growth. Removing suckers and water sprouts will allow all the nutrients and water to be channelled to the main part of the tree.

Make your garden beautiful

Trees that are trimmed to the correct size and shape will give your garden the beautiful look that it deserves. Good grooming is just as important for trees as it is for other parts of your garden.

Make your garden safe

If you leave dead branches on your tree, it is possible that they may fall during very windy conditions, which is highly likely in the Chicago area. If the branches are rotted, they may even fall by themselves. This could cause potential harm to your family or your belongings. The branches may even fall on electrical lines or the roof of your house which will cause massive damages.

Get more fruit from your tree

Pruning your tree in the right time of year will help your tree to bear more fruit. By encouraging the growth of spurs you are guaranteed to get more fruit the following year.

When should trees be pruned

Trees are best pruned in late winter or early spring. At this time, the new buds of the tree haven’t opened yet. If you want to have your trees pruned, avoid very cold or very dry times of the year.

The best tree trimming in Chicago

Tree Surgical is by far the best and most trustworthy tree trimming service provider in Chicago. We provide the following services:

· Arborists to take proper care of your trees

· Cutting and removal

· Trimming and pruning

· Stump grinding and removal

Tree Surgical does not only aim to cut down dead tree branches, but also the costs for trimming your trees. To keep the trees in your garden or next to your office building beautiful and safe, Tree Surgical is the leading tree trimming experts in Chicago to provide the services that you need.